GRAPHITE – electrical tools and accessories ranges for semi-professionals.

GRAPHITE is a relatively new brand which already won notoriety being imported and distributed by us since the summer of 2008. The products have a special design, they are carefully made and of a high level quality.

These products are designed in order to be semi-intensively used at tasks close to the professional ones.

GRAPHITE was developed taking into account the needs of some advanced actions of renovation, constructions and carpentry. The GRAPHITE offer was developed so that it permits an extended selection of products. There are usually more models of each product, different in which concern the power, functionality, accessories and price.

Before being put on the market, all the models of new tools GRAPHITE undergo numerous tests of endurance, compulsory tools, requested in order to obtain the conformity certificates with European standards, as well as a additional testing system put into practice by TOPEX which let to results – complaints regarding the GRAPHITE products are rare and sum up an insignificant percentage of the ones sold. All these tests have as purpose the assurance of an efficient and safe use of the products.

Both amateurs and professionals will find in the offer of the brand GRAPHITE the necessary solutions for the perforating, cutting, patterning, polishing and for a series of other works made in materials such as concrete, brick, cardboard, drywall, wood, sandstone, plastic, non-ferrous metal, ferrous metals and stainless steels.

Also, we recommend GRAPHITE both to the amateur craftsmen working at domicile as well as to the semi-professionals unfolding supplementary working activities or basic ones with tasks and intensities at a medium level.

GRAPHITE is a TOPEX company brand.

Bellow you can find information about the service of electrical tools’ repair which we manage ourselves here in Suceava for the brands of electrical tools which we import and distribute:

GRAPHITE – for semi-professionals use.

VERTO – for hobby/domestic use.

From the moment in which ROCAST NORD started to import and distribute the brand GRAPHITE from the summer of 2008, the company was more and more actively involved in improving the service of electrical tools service so that starting with 2009 contracted this service with a small, but dedicated company from Suceava in order to solve as promptly as possible the problems which inherently appear in the process of using the electrical tools.

For over a year our company makes efforts to reduce the repair term so that in the last period managing a percentage of 90% within the 7-day term.

But in order to demonstrate our determination in obtaining your satisfaction and trust, we are commited to permanently improve this service.

By improving this service we wish to give to our customers and the consumers of our electrical tools brands the certainty that we do not wish to achieve only a sale, but also the fact that we prepared a system meant to support on the long term the users of these brands.

You can access the official site of the GRAPHITE brand by clicking HERE.


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