NEO is a top line in the category of hand tools, ideal for the users with high expectations concerning the quality of the materials, reliability, ergonomics and even the esthetics and the modernity; the grouped products under this brand joins special materials such as treated steels, special alloys Cr-Vn, Cr-Mo, platting with titanium or with Teflon, handles resistant to the action of chemical factors, of mineral oils and lubricants and that of the mechanical factors.

NEO is a TOPEX brand.

NEO product range is produced with materials and modern technology in order to ensure durability and reliability. NEO brand is a guarantee of constant quality.

NEO is mainly focused on using within the auto shops (reparations/construction/tuning, etc) for high tasks and intensive usage, offering beside the whole range of tools Mechanics and advanced solutions for the transport and stocking of tools and utensils. This brand is dedicated to the enthusiasts in the maintenance of vehicles and motorcycles, which require tools they can trust from the premium class in order to complete their passion.

Also, NEO range offers tools used in activities of combining, measuring, as well as in the field of constructions and decorations.

Soon, we will give more interesting information regarding the promotion actions unfolded by NEO in the field of vehicles. Please visit us again.

You can access the official site of the NEO brand by clicking HERE.


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