RUKO company was founded in 1974 in Böblingen, Germany; the transformation in RUKO GmbH Präzisionswekzeuge (Precision Tools) was made in July 1980; since November 1990 headquarters of RUKO is placed in Holzgerlingen (near Stuttgart). From the begining, RUKO remained faithful to the principle of satisfying the clients through their high quality products and services.

Having the permanent growth of the productivity as objective, RUKO company invests continuously in the newest technologies and finishing installations. 

The completely automatic CNC centers of processing by polishing through the CBN technique (cubic boron nitrite) allows the highest precision and repeated accuracy in producing tools. Currently, the RUKO company owns one of the most modern production methods in the world.

The research and development department works permanently in order to improve the current products as well as to develop new tools, competitive on the market.

Both in the immediate future and during the present, RUKO’s greatest strength is in developing and improving its whole metal program.

The modern quality control guarantees keeping in permanence the high quality standards. The certification DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 confirms the quality philosophy after which the RUKO company guides itself for years.

ROCAST NORD distributes for many years RUKO products, but only since 2008 it directly imports these products. Last year (2010) the sales team visited RUKO factory, having thus the opportunity to see how the technology is used in the benefit of the consumers, creating value by high efficiency and productivity of the manufacturing lines at RUKO. The sales team thus gained more trust in the brand RUKO. You can see photographs of this event on our Facebook page.

Our slogan when we superior quality Brands from our portfolio is:

“If you want to obtain quality results you have to use quality tools”

By competence in precision and quality, RUKO is at the world top of producers in this field; 70% of the production capacity is oriented towards export, the products are sold in over 60 countries and by 2.300 distributors. 

RUKO GmbH has branches in Asia, Scandinavia, France, Benelux, Austria and the USA.

The range of RUKO products contains:

The most complex type of Tools for perforating metals:

  • Drills for metal;
  • Machines and accessories for sharpening drills – BSM 20, Drillgrind;
  • Special drills;
  • Drills for sheets and pipes;
  • Stepped drill;
  • Conic drills for centering, taper and deburring counterstrikers;
  • Cutting tools;
  • Sets for extracting the broken screws;
  • Drilling machine and core drills;
  • Machines for sharpening core drills;
  • Machines for perforating with magnetic support;
  • Biaxial milling cutter;
  • Hole saw for centering drill;
  • Pendulous saw web;
  • Trimming tools;
  • Mandrels for stamping plate;

Drills for concrete with normal clamping system, SDS Plus and SDS Max, with two or four knives, drills for glass and brick, core drills, SDS Plus and SDS Max chisels;

Spiral drills, augers, milling cutters and flat drill bits for wood.

You can access the official RUKO site by clicking HERE.


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