Customer satisfaction

Our customer satisfaction is important

The most important aspect for our clients that our company brings and demonstrates through this rebranding is about our increasing interest to get your satisfaction and delight, in parallel to increasing our...

Satisfaction questionnaire

This questionnaire is being developed and it will take us about 2-3 months to complete it. We can say about it that it will be divided into several sections so that, depending on the nature of the relationship that you have with our company and depending on your time or desire to give us a feedback, you can choose only some chapters that seem most relevant to you and all of them, if you want. Please check back soon. Thank you. 

Suggestions and complaints form

It is important to understand that we need your help in order to find out as precisely as possible where things go wrong and which are the things that displease you. Therefore, we strongly ask you send us as many suggestions or complaints. It is important that we will know what to do with them in order to improve the processes that do not work well until you will be fully satisfied. 


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