Power tools repair service

The power tool brands that we import and distribute are:

  • GRAPHITE PRO – for professionals
  • GRAPHITE – for semi-professionals
  • VERTO – for hobby/home segment 

These are TOPEX brands.

Once ROCAST NORDbegan importing and distributing the GRAPHITE brand in the summer of 2008, the company have been more actively concerned to improve the repair service of power tools, so that, since 2009 the company has contracted this service with a small but dedicated company from Suceavain order to deal more quickly and easily with the inherent problems that arise in the use of power tools.

For over a year, our company strives to reduce the repair time so that in the last period it gets to 90% within 7 days. 

In order to demonstrate our determination to achieve your satisfaction and confidence, we undertake to constantly improve this service.

By improving this service we want to offer our customers and power tools brands consumers the certainty that we do not wish to make just a sale but that we have prepared a system designed to support on long-term the users of these brands.


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