The Austrian SOLA company was founded by Guido Scheyer, an engineer who dared in 1949 to manufacture the level for inclined plane (NT4), own invention, in the basement of his family’s home.

In 1958 SOLA launches the aluminum level.

Also in 1958 SOLA begins to produce on its own the bubble for the levels using a method of ultrasonic welding patented by them during that year, method which permits the approach of a 30-year guarantee against liquid leakage from the bubble.

In 1969 SOLA builds the first production space and today, decades later, SOLA owns production spaces of 13.000 square meters and export 75% of the products in over 40 countries, is global leader in the development and manufacture of high quality measuring instruments.

SOLA is number one in Europe in the production of the classical measuring instruments and the lasers used in constructions, considering the quality and the licensed innovations.

This “know-how” resulted from the experience of the previous years is reflected in the development of new products.

In order to ensure the quality of its products, the plastic material out of which the bubble phials are made is also self-manufactured, the company manufacturing on its own since 2007 the plastic from which the measuring tools are made. In this sense SOLA holds its own factory of plastic materials from which the products are manufactured, subcontracting in this sense the production for other companies.
Below you cand watch a short presentation of SOLA Focus buble.

In 1994 the company introduces the ISO 9001 certification, this high level of certification being given as a consequence of admitting the standardize quality and the system of insuring the quality was in numerous occasions the annual audit of TUV.

In 2010 SOLA receives for the third time the prize for product design, this time for Trigon X2 and FLCV laser.

Sola reddot design award winner 2010


You can watch below a movie clip about SOLA products and SOLA inovations.

The SOLA mark offers a diverse range of products, over 1500 articles among which we enumerate: bubble levels, leveling board with or without bubble, laser instruments, carpentry meter, short measuring tapes (2, 3, 5, 8, 10m), long measuring tapes (10, 20, 30, 50, 100m) with or without handle, rulers and setsquares, marking products. Some of these products are displayed below. 

Sola levels


Sola measuring tools


You can find bellow interesting information both for professionals and for any measuring instrument user who wishes to find out which are the attributes these products should have in order to truly benefit from precision in measuring.

Most of the time, unfortunately, we are given the situation in which the craftsmen use such products only because they are obligated to bring their instrument case and not because they would admit the importance of precise fixing/assembly/building. The founder of our company was put in the situation in which, once the new furniture was assembled in his home, he needed to tell the assemblers to fix again some of the suspended items, after he checked in the moment of the reception the precision of the assembly with his own SOLA level and ascertained significant differences between his measurments and what the craftsmen’s tools indicated.

Using Sola level

Also, many of you met with or seen situations in which relatives or friends being unsatisfied with the quality of works such as: smoothing the walls, the floors, the ceilings; assembling the carpentry doors/windows; assembling the furniture; the inclination angles for the leakage, sewerage, roadbeds, even public road and so on.

Our slogan  when we promote the superior quality Brands from our portfolio is:

“If you want to obtain quality results you have to use quality tools”

The brand levels have a profile which weighs over 500g/m linear and SOLA offers models which weigh from 520g/m linear (AV,AVD) and up to 890g/m linear (AP3, APG3).

The brand leveling boards also have a profile which exceeds 650g/m linear and SOLA offers models from 680g/m linear (AL 2606) up to 1260g/m linear (SLH).

SOLA Austria produces its own bubbles for levels and leveling boards and uses a method of ultrasonic dwelling, licensed by them in 1958, which allows a guarantee of 30 years to be given against liquid leakage from the bubble.

Sigla Sola Garantie 30 Ani

The measuring tolerance is of maximum 1,0 mm/m and SOLA Austria offers a tolerance from 0,3 mm/m (AP3/APG3) and up to 1mm/m for levels and for leveling boards between 0,5 mm/m and 1 mm/m.

Beside the unbeatable precision, the SOLA bubbles are distinguished by resistance to breakage or deformity when they are dropped or hit. The liquid from the bubble is antistatic, with very good properties of UV resistance. Most bubble SOLA are equipped with a magnifying lens and a luminescent covering behind the bubble which insures optimum results for measuring even when the level is used in poor light conditions.

Sola lelvels characteristics


The reverse measuring means using a level for checking the smoothness of the ceiling and of other surfaces which are pointing bellow and when the level cannot be placed in a normal position, only with the bubble on the horizontal pointing bellow.

All the SOLA Austria levels in aluminum frames can be used for reverse measuring, having a maximum tolerance of 0,1 mm/m, starting with 0,75 mm/m (AP3/APG3). Only the liquid bubbles with great precision can be used in reverse measuring.

Sola level measuring precision


Bellow you can find some information about the construction lasers. 



The human eye is sensitive to the Light for a spectrum of wavelengths between 711 nm (red) and 389 nm (violet). Hence, the light of short length or the ultraviolet UV – as is the one known – is invisible for us.

Light spectrum

The red laser radiations appear in the spectrum 670-630mm. The shorter the wave, the powerful the laser light.


"Laser" term originated as an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, like "maser" term which defines a similar device working on microwaves. 
The lasers are generally classified in two groups: the ones that are in conformity with the European standard EN60825-1 and the ones in conformity with the American standard FDA 1040.10:1.4.97.

The lasers used by SOLA accomplish the requirements of Class 2 in accordance with DIN-EN60825-1. The developed power by the laser diode reaches 1=< 1mW.


1 – Laser radiation are harmless

1M – laser radiations are harmless without optical instruments (magnifying glass, telescope)

2 – laser radiations in the visible spectrum (400mm – 700mm) are harmless if the exposure is short lasting

2M – similar to class 2, but without optical instruments (magnifying glass, telescope)

3R – laser radiations dangerous for the eyes

3B – laser radiations dangerous for the eyes, in some cases for the skin

4 – laser radiations very dangerous for the skin, fire and explosion hazard


An important factor which contributes to the quality level is represented by lenses- which focuses the light emitted by the laser, concentrating it on a point. In general, two types of lenses are used:

- made out of glass: due to the fact that a precise cut is possible, these lenses are of high quality; the main advantage is temperature resistance and the fact that it maintains its shape.

- made out of plastic: quality plastic lenses used by SOLA are produced by a process of high precision casting. These maintain their shape up to temperatures of +85 Celsius degrees.

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