TOPEX company, founded in 1990, is the biggest distributer of hand tools and utensils, electrical tools, tools for gardening and accessories for industrial, professional and domestic use from Central and Eastern Europe.

With the headquarters in Warsaw, Poland, Topex has a diverse portfolio of over 5000 products from the categories above mentioned, covering all the range of customers' requests and divided on various brands, grouped mainly according to the area of applicability divided in three main categories: professional – for intense use, semi-professional for craftsmen/current users and hobby/domestic/economic use.

TOPEX – brand leader of the market of hand tools offers approximately 1500 products representing the middle line with an optimum quality/price ratio, very appreciated by current users. Except Poland, the brand is present in numerous European countries through the over 80 collaborators. The comprehensive offer includes: tools for mechanics, assembly/fixing, constructions, decorations, measuring, accessories for transport and depositing, illuminating elements and electrotechnics and products for labor protection and safety. Topex products address the small craftsmen – persons working independently, fixing and improving. Due to the continuously improving  quality and due to the fact that the prices remain attractive, Topex represents more and more often the option of professionals, Topex tools allowing them to maintain competitive prices for the supplied services without reducing the safety and quality of the work itself.

Topex products offer is in continuous extension – they are permanently developing new products, and the ones already existing are optimised in the sense of increasing the efficiency of the work and easiness of the usage. Always unchanged is the goal of the Topex brand of offering better and better products at more and more attractive process and, due to this fact, at the reach of a great number of users.

The other Topex brands are:

  • NEO –  tools for intense users, of high quality, with applicability especially for vehicle workshops (see description of NEO supplier);
  • GRAPHITE – electrical tools for semi-professionals (see description of GRAPHITE);
  • VERTO – electrical tools and accessories allocated to the middle segment; optimized quality/price report (see description of supplier VERTO);
  • FRAME – tools and instruments for workshops;
  • TOP TOOLS – cheap articles, adapted to  hobby/domestic ocasional use;
  • DeFORT and BASTION  – locks, latches and safety devices.

Meeting the clients’ needs, the quality control department puts into application all the necessary tests in order to identify the conformity with the national and European standards and additional, extended tests, to verify the reliability of the products. Due to this type of activities, the complaints concerning the TOPEX products remain at a very low level. 

The official website containing the general presentation of all the TOPEX, translated inclusively to Romanian can be accessed by clicking HERE

The official presentation website of the popular brand TOPEX can be accessed by clicking HERE.


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