The company was founded in 1990 and is the continuity of a family business started in 1978, which was based on manufacturing various plastic objects. In September 1992 the company launches under the name WKRET-MET. The first retail market for the WK products was for the South-East of Poland. In 1994, as a response to the increasing demands of the market, the company started the manufacture of holz-screws for drywall, in 1995 it included a complete range of wan screws, in this way becoming the first company in Polland manufacturing screws for wood with a hexagonal head.

The systematic diversity of the product range in the following years led to the increase of the company’s turnover and the number of distributers. At the end of the ‘90s it was built the most modern factory from the Central and Eastern part of Europe, manufacturing fixing elements and installation devices. With a total area of 10.000 sqm, the factory was endowed with performing manufacturing equipment among which we mention the brands ARBURG, Demag si Mefai Krauss. At the same time, the research laboratories developed a model for the tri-directional anchor/dowel, which was also patented. Afterwards, WK patented other products too; moreover, almost all have certificates issued by the Construction Research Institute.  

During the spring of 2011  WKRET-MET company inaugurates a new line of self drilling screws RAL especially painted, treated through an infra-red process which guarantees the protection of the paint against the mechanic factors which intervene during assembly. Beside the process of galvanization/zinc, the coating of the paint (60-80 µm) has anticorrosive proprieties and the intensity of the UV rays guarantees the durability of the color of the self drilling screw. The EPDM washer stops the water leaks, it is resistant to the climatic conditions, maintains its elasticity and reduces the thermal effects.


WK products compared with other products


The new assembly system in the plastic bucket permits the storage in humid conditions and the handle facilitates the transportation of the product at height and in difficult working conditions.


Another important category from the WKRET-MET range of products is represented by the dowels for insulation. 
Each dowel is marked with the WKRET-MET logo, representing a guarantee of the quality.

WKRET-MET company is the only manufacturer in Europe which has 5 ETA authorizations – EUROPEAN TECHNICAL APPROVALS – in the field of fixing systems for insulations, representing a high level of quality and performance of the products. The ETA Authorization is the guarantee that the products are in conformity with their destination and it is necessary to all the constructors working in accordance with the legal provisions in constructions, including on the Romanian territory. Also, the ETA Authorization represents the result of prolonged efforts on the behalf of the WKRET-MET company, both from the point of view of the time for obtaining them and of the financial efforts for the authorization. 

The ETA Authorization is given by the EOTA organization (European Organization for Technical Approval) from Belgium which is represented in most European countries by several research institutions. More information about EOTA can be found on their official site by clicking HERE.

WKRET-MET represents your guarantee for strong and attractive facades, with rapid assembly for all kinds of insulation, guaranteeing a high level of stability for the entire structure.

ATTENTION! If the insulation sheets are only glued with adhesive then the weight of the facade combined with external factors (sudden temperature changes, frost, thaw, powerful winds) may lead to the breakage of the thermal insulation system of the facades. Therefore, WKRET-MET and ROCAST NORD recommends you to fix with dowel for the mechanic assurance of the thermal insulation and reducing the risk of breaking of the mortar. Due to the resistant rosette and the ability to sustain heavy stress, the dowels for insulation offer an added support for the facades, this leading to a greater stability of the entire structure. Besides, the dowels for insulations with steel screw offer more safety.


Choosing the right pin dowel is made consecutive to the evaluation of the substructure because the WKRET-MET insulation dowels with European technical agreement are tested and approved for specific usage categories, the expansion area of the dowel must be perfectly framed in the support type of the wall. The correct evaluation is the only manner by which the dowel can fulfill its fixating function for the thermal insulation system.

Calculating the necessary length of the dowel. Establishing the correct length is a preliminary condition for obtaining the maximum safety through fixing, the assembly conditions will be taken into account:
-the thickness of the insulation
-the thickness of the old daub (if there is any) approximately 20 mm.
-the thickness of combining with adhesive after applying the insulation sheet by pressing (usually approximately 10 mm)
-supplementary compressing of the subsided aspect of the facade.

Establishing the number of necessary dowels. It will be calculated for each construction in part, in conformity with the national and European standards regarding the stress load by wind, the structure of the building, the height, the assembly plan, and the surroundings. In general, the higher the building and more exposed to the surroundings, the greater the number of dowels of fixing the insulation. On the other hand, using WKRET-MET quality dowels reduces the consumption on square meter – it reduces the cost of the materials and the working time.

PA correct processing is crucial in the functioning of the dowel. The dowels will be assembled always in the area of the adhesive in order to support its joints by the contact pressure. 


1. Area of utilization
- Fixing the insulating materials for the facades
- Fixing the flat roof insulations for the industrial buildings.
- Fixing the waterproofing foil for basements, cellars etc.
- Fixing in different building material: concrete, whole brick, brick with holes, BCA .

2 . Characteristics
- impact resistant materials (assembly by striking)
Dowel with rosette – impact resistant polypropylene 
Dowel nail – reinforced fiberglass with polyamide for a greater resistance to bending or metallic nail.
- thermal stability for the interval – 40° C and + 80 ° C.
- dowel nail from plastic material with Ø 60 mm rosette for fixing the hard insulating materials, load bearing, such as polyestyrene, hard foam plates.
- metallic dowel nail with Ø 60 mm rosette for fixing the soft insulating materials, non-load bearing, such as glassfleece or mineral wool. For this kind of material it can be used the metallic dowel nail together with the special supplementary rosette Ø 140 mm (TDX 140) for a better fixing on a bigger surface.

3 . Assembly instructions

ATTENTION! Start the assembly of the insulating dowels after the adhesive is already strengthened.
- Perforation – drill diameter Ø 8 or Ø 10 according to the model.
- Perforation depth - with approximately 10 mm deeper than than the length of the dowel.
- Insertion in the hole of a dowel without nail in order to be positioned at the level of the insulating material. 
- Insertion of the nail by striking it in order to fix the dowel.

HERE you can download technical information regarding the assembly, mechanical characteristics according to the support on which the insulation is assembled, recommendations regarding the length of the dowels and the thickness of the insulation and the number of ETA Authorizations (the file is created in Excel).

Bellow you can download 4 brochures in English, provided by WKRET-MET with condensed information and with products with applicability in a certain field, such as: insulations, roofs or fixing systems.

Brosura Wkret-met suruburi panouri si acoperisuri Brosura Wkret-met sisteme fixare pereti izolatori Brosura Wkret-met sisteme prindere acoperis Brosura Wkret-met sisteme de fixare

WK company is continuously extending by increasing the infrastructure, the number of branches and the number of products in the offer. The mission of the company is to maintain and improve the quality of the services and products.

The new logistic centre inaugurated in 2010 covers an area of 30.000 square meters, the surface on which are included the new offices, the warehouse and  30 charging platforms, which allow a fluidization of the export circuit. 


In order to access the official website of WKRET-MET click HERE.




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