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Starting with 2001, the entire company ROCAST NORD, has been the first to provide these types of products in the counties of Suceava and Botosani, the coverage area of the company beeing enlarged in 2005 in the counties of Iasi and Neamt, now being completed with associate clients in various areas of the country.

During the first six years of activity ROCAST NORD was a distribution company, starting only in 2007 to develop its status of importer, leading to import in 2009 approximately 60% of the products that it distributes.



ROCAST NORD is an active company, trying to serve the market at a high level of customer satisfaction. Therefore, we are continuously  improving our business processes in order to offer quality services, innovative as possible and competitive prices for our clients. We are trying to maintain and improve our position as regional leader in the NE of Romania.

ROCAST NORD celebrates in 2012 11 years of activity in the import and distribution of a complete range of fastening and fixing systems, hand tools and electrical tools.

Due to our experience, we understand more  the market  we activate in, and the increasing needs of our clients. During 2011 we had rebranded our Company, changed the logo, the representative colors and the fonts. In 2012 we will launch a new catalogue with a new structure and many new products. We wish that this rebranding shows both our customers and suppliers our potential and our wish to improve all the areas and processes from our activity.

At the same time, the colors incorporated in the new logo represent the inclination which ROCAST NORD shows towards social responsibility and care towards the environment through actions that make one's contribution to the Romanian society development , by supporting certain programs such as Sponsor a child or Let’s do it Romania, details you can find in the Company/Social Responsibility section.

Also, at the beginning of 2011 we entered in e-commerce by opening an online store dedicated to a small group of products for the winter season, which you can visit on this page www.lopetidezapada.ro.  Then, by 2014, we opened an online store where we sell all of our products, www.suruburionline.ro.

Also starting with 2011 you can find our company as well as the whole team on Facebook, the most important social network in Romania.

ROCAST NORD Company and its young staff members unfold their activity in a warehouse of 800 sqm and offices of 255 sqm. We look forward to greeting you at our headquarters, within a industrial assembly in Suceava, in the place of the former Avicola Itcani on Strada Mitocului nr. 48A, at the exit from Suceava towards Mitocul Dragomirnei. Here you can find our products exhibited in a 75 sqm showroom.

We have over 500 clients we constantly collaborate with. Our clients are stores and warehouses from the construction field, sanitary field, thermal, electrical installations and fitting fild, as well as furniture manufacturers, carpentry or metallic confections, construction companies and teams of professionals specialized in stonework, carpentry, sanitary and electrical installations, interior design etc.

The products which we import and distribute are useful in all the stages of a construction, starting with pouring the foundation (distance iron concrete, chemical fixing, electrical rotary mixer, etc.) and ending with roof (self drilling for sheet, zinc-coated and in RAL colours, electrical screwdrivers, magnetic bits, etc) or with painting (paint rollers, lime brush, paper roll, protection foil etc). In order to see a part of the products we trade please access the section Products.

In 2011 approximately 75% of our product portfolio was imported by us, which guarantees our clients and partners the fact that they acquire their products from the closest possible source from a manufacturer, this fact providing them access to first-hand information, competitive prices and innovative products, as soon as they are launched by our suppliers.

We are very open regarding our suppliers because we wish to scatter any possible doubt regarding the quality or the origin of our products therefore in the section Company/ Suppliers/Partners you will find both descriptions of our suppliers and of the main groups of products and links to their official websites. Also, you can access this information by clicking in the lower part of the pages of our web site. Our suppliers are from Germany (3), Austria (2), The Netherlands (1), Poland (3), Turkey (2), Spain (1) and Taiwan (1). 



ROCAST NORD will continue to use the ERP (enterprise resource planning) technology implemented in 2010, to support its clients and to grow its own competitiveness trying to make business processes more efficient in order to offer lower prices and high quality services to customers.

Also, both for increasing the efficiency and the performance of the company, as well as contributing to the development of the staff, ROCAST NORD will emphasize greatly on training the personnel for increasing and developing their competences, both from a professional and personal point of view, thus being able to successfully meet the increasingly competitive business environment in Romania.

The innovation both in the processes and the services and in the products offered will play an important roll in the development of the company.

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